(Formerly known as PartsLookup™)

Years ago, we noticed that the current software programs for use at the parts counter were usually way too complex and expensive for most of the shops. It seemed that there was a real need for a solution that was simple in design and use. A solution that satisfied the most important requirement of reducing the time it took to price parts (eliminate handling all those manual price books) and ensuring accuracy. Our vision was the development of a complete dealer management system. The system also needed to be at a value packed price.

NextStepDMS™ fills all those needs.

The NextStepDMS™ Suite is a strategic architecture. It sets the stage for additional dealer management modules to be integrated into the base product.

NextStepDMS™ Bronze is the base Windows product and the mix and match of available software modules include Point of Sale (Silver) and Inventory Management (Gold). Our dealers can start with the basic software and upgrade to the additional modules at any time. Your initial investment is protected through a pro-rated financial upgrade program.

See the below links to learn more about our available software options.

NextStepDMS™ Bronze
Our stand-alone Windows based parts pricing software
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NextStepDMS™ Silver
Our Bronze software PLUS Point of Sale Module
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NextStepDMS™ Gold
Our Bronze software PLUS Point of Sale PLUS Inventory Management Modules
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PartsLookup™ Classic
This product has been discontinued.


We know there's more to your decision in buying a dealer management system than just the product; It's the principles and experience of the company creating and supporting it.

The five most important things to remember about NextStep Computer & Software:

  1. A company staffed with motorcycle riders who have technology, powersports, management and inventory experience.
  2. Developing software tools is our only business. We do not try to run a dealership, shop, parts house or develop non-powersports systems at the same time. That wouldn't give you the right level of attention.
  3. 100% Customer satisfaction is our goal. Speak to our customers. Computers will always have problems; we are there for you and will always respond. After all this is our only business!
  4. We will continue to modify our products and their functionality by listening to you, our customers and prospective customers.
  5. We will offer the best possible value for the price. Check out our industry trend setting all-inclusive annual fee.

Our mission is to provide software and services that enable all Powersports Dealers to quickly and accurately quote prices and maximize profits through better management of dealer inventory and cash assets. We are dedicated to providing you with the most cost effective and productive software tool in your toolbox.

We believe in unconditional customer satisfaction!