Frequently Asked Questions | System Requirements

Does the annual license fee include all price files, updates and software updates?

Yes. This is the actual cost. There are no hidden charges. As we add features and functionality throughout your license period, they are included in the cost. The same is true for vendor price files, the updates and new price files are also included during your annual license period at no additional cost. And, of course, unlimited technical phone support is as well (on the very rare occasion you need it).

Why do I need a CDROM?

Because we now provide over 275+ vendor price files and growing. That requires 5.0GB of storage space if all price files are installed. On CD-ROM we can ship all of it together with our software on one disk. This way you are not managing multiple disks, and CD-ROM is significantly more stable than any other media. It also keeps our costs manageable which allows us to give you such a great value. You can pick and choose which vendor price files you would like to load on your system for immediate access.

What is the best way to get immediate Technical Support?

Because of our continued growth and success we have added two new phone numbers for Technical Support. These can now be dialed directly between the hours of 8am and 8pm EST. They are: (931) 839-8947 or (845) 364-5634. For sales or for non-technical issues please use our general number (866) 756-6587.