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The BIGGEST Little DMS on the Market
NextStepDMS™ Bronze:
It all starts with the Main Navigation GRID – The basic package
everything else is built on.

And, what a package! A groundbreaking concept in dealer management software design with our unique navigation and pricing features. NextStepDMS™ Bronze is great as a stand-alone system, but fully adaptable if you want to add our Point of Sale or Inventory Management modules in the future.

Central Work Screen
A single master work screen is the heart and centerpiece of the NextStepDMS™ system. From the very beginning users gain tremendous navigation power, jumping rapidly to any software feature from one familiar location. Whether you're pricing a job or editing pricing policies— you always know where you are!

No more jumping helplessly through volumes of screens
while your customer waits!

Eight different ways to search — master them all or just those that you need.

Searching for a part, calculating the price and printing an invoice was never easier or faster!
The soul of NextStepDMS™ Bronze is its price matrix, setting a new standard in part pricing flexibility.

Custom part numbers, labor rates, descriptions or pricing made simple!
Want to establish your own part numbers, labor rates, descriptions and pricing? Go ahead, you can do that with the House Vendor price file.

Cross-referencing Capabilities
Quickly compare pricing between vendors.

Training Included
Great Manuals, a detailed Help system and available on-site or classroom training.

Comprehensive Support and Complete Documentation
Of course, on board help and easy to read documentation are always at your disposal.

All-in-One Annual Fee
All updates, upgrades and enhancements to NextStepDMS™ Bronze are included in your one time annual fee without exception. Includes...
    •  Unlimited technical support
    •  Over 275+ vendor price file databases.
    •  Monthly price file updates.

To order NextStepDMS™ Bronze, click here!


NextStepDMS™ Bronze
Our Basic Package

• Price files for over 275 manufacturers and distributors
• Cross-reference over 2.5 million new and vintage parts
• New part numbers automatically supercede old ones
• Multi-tier sales tax
• Upgrade if and when you’re ready

To order NextStepDMS™
Bronze, click here!

To order NextStepDMS™ Bronze, click here!