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The BIGGEST Little DMS on the Market
NextStepDMS™ Gold:
Add on an in-depth Inventory Management module and create automatic purchasing guidelines, review item, unit and service histories for better understanding of your inventory needs and much, much more!

The NextStepDMS™ Gold Edition is the complete suite, containing all the power we have to give. Integrated with both the Point of Sale and Inventory Management modules, the Gold Edition delivers unparallelled control for every facet of your business!

Inventory Management
The Inventory Management module completes the suite, giving you unprecedented control over every facet of your dealership.


Go the Max with NextStepDMS™ Gold
Inventory Management module

• Track parts inventory at multiple bin locations
• Create automatic and manual purchase orders
• Develop reports and track parts and service history
• Identify and automate monthly stock reorder levels
• Track inventory in multiple qualities (e.g., salvage, used and take-off parts)

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